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What we supply for a Low Commission Fee:
  • MLS and internet exposure
  • Professional Pictures, Video tour
  • Signage and Postcard quality Brochures
  • A-Z Paperwork, Negotiate with buyer
  • Get you the highest possible Price
  • Represent you In-Person (not only by phone support!)
  • We are licensed Brokers. Since 1976
  • Member of National Association of Realtors

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For Sale by Owner with Help-U-Sell Realty

Due to the increase of cost in commissions, many home owners have been looking for ways to sell their own homes.  The problem is that selling your own home in most cases only limits you to putting up a front yard sign and prevents you from getting on the MLS. Not to mention you will be targeted by agents looking to get your listing. The internet offers few companies that can help you with entries on the MLS, but don’t support you with In-person assistance.  Most of these of companies would deal with you via phone and are probably not locally based. So essentially you are dealing with someone you don’t know. Selling a house is getting more complex due to constant changes in real estate rules and disclosures law and unlike selling personal properties is very much regulated by the California Bureau of Real Estate.

Another issue may arise while selling your own homes. Buyer may not be comfortable with the idea of dealing directly with the seller.  If seller would to ask for financial and private information, buyer may hesitate to reveal their paperwork.

Here at HelpUSell, we can are striving to save you the most amount of money, while giving you the full service you deserve. . You will be assigned with In-person realtor. Not just phone support!  We will help pre-qualify the buyer put together the offer and attend all inspections. We will walk through the maze of the complexities, hand in hand, without you paying the high commissions.  

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